SBA, and Small Business Loans

It Takes a Business-To Make Money!

As long as your deal makes economic sense:
and there is REAL ESTATE involved
in the transaction,
we have the ability to structure and approve more complex mortgages,
loans, and financial transactions than most other lenders.

If necessary, we can process Small Business Association (SBA) loans,
equipment finance, and private money finance at the same time.
That way if your loan request is only 80-90% SBA eligible,
we can lend you the balance of the money you need as a second mortgage,
if the equity in your project is reasonable.

Our market niche is business finance,
involving Real Estate, in all 50 States,
from $100,000 up to $6,000,000. The loan amounts must include real estate as collateral.
Equipment alone is not suitable collateral for loan amounts ever.
We are also able to provide finance for much larger loan amounts.
All business loans require the principal to have 30% of their own cash or equity in the deal.

Why you should call us for Business Finance?

* We don't get an up front application fee.

* Financing for real estate and equipment.

* We can process business loans in which real estate is involved,
for a 15-20 year term, direct amortization!
That means there is no 5 year balloon payment due!
Your friendly neighborhood bank wants to write you a loan that will have a balloon payment due in 5 years!
That way they will always have you at their mercy!
What happens to you if they don't rewrite the loan in 5 years?
Let them explain the procedure for your loan renewal in 5 years:
Audited statements,
another appraisal,
a peek at your books,
and a peek at your last 5 years personal tax forms!
Our loan with direct amortization might be the last loan you will ever need!

Loan amounts from $100,000 to $6,000,000

Finance multiple loans at the same time.

Fast private money is always available if there is sufficient equity in your real estate.
The ability to make monthly payments, or credit rating, are not key factors in "Hard Money" loans!
The loans are based on equity only!

We can fund Unusual deals, in which there is collateral.

Call us anytime from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM, EST

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