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Please remember that our minimum loan program in
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island is $50,000.
The minimum loan in all other States is $100,000.
We do not process personal loans, and we do not have any 100% finance programs.
Some of your own money, or equity
in real estate, must go into the deal.

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Loan Information

Business Startup from scratch.

The expansion of an existing business.

The purchase of an existing business.

The purchase of equipment.

The purchase of real estate for use by an existing business.

Commercial construction loans.

A Credit Line for the use of an existing business.

An accounts receivable loan.

A loan to purchase a franchise.

Non Owner Occupied, 1-4 unit property.

Mixed Use Property, residential and commercial mix.

Commercial real estate; apartment buildings, office buildings etc.

Nursing homes.

Anchored shopping centers.

My credit is less than perfect and I need a loan on property I already own.

I need a fast No Income Verification loan on property that I already own.

Please give us an explanation of your loan request.

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